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Strategies Used by Bettors in Australian Open

australian open
Having a sound betting strategy when betting on the Australian Open is essential. Just like other forms of sports betting, the more you are knowledgeable about the games you want to bet on, the more chances of winning. If you are a fan of tennis but would want to know more about the participating players before Australian Open, there are lots of great and easy to use websites that are full of information and statistics you might need in betting.
Factors to Consider When Formulating Your Betting Strategy
To formulate your betting strategy, here some important factors that you should consider:
Participating Players Past Records
A newcomer may catch a hot streak and can survive up to the finals. Click here to watch aus open live now. Most of the time the winners and the losing players in Melbourne are established stars ranking high. When a player wins in Melbourne, there is a chance they might win again, and since there are lots of pros joining the tournament in 1983, only six men manage to won only one title.
This pattern is less familiar with women’s division, and famous players like Maria Sharapova, Kim Klijesters, and Justine Henin have claimed only one Australian Open title, with Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams the only players to keep the trophy in the recent years.
Check Out their Tune Up Games
The tennis season ends in November with the ATP and WTA World Tour Finals; most players will continue to join in different exhibition games around the world, while others are taking advantage of those few weeks to recharge and get ahead of the new season.
The Australian Open is set every January and players are using the other competitions as tune-up events. These events will give you an idea who will perform well in Melbourne, and who will not.
Which Seeds are in Danger on Hard Courts?
The French, Latin American, Spanish, and Italian are more comfortable playing on clay, and most likely to get more points than in hard courts. The courts in Melbourne is known as Plexicushion and is a medium-fast playing surface. While the Decoturf used at the US Open is a fast surface and favors players, who hit hard and serve big.
Check players who are at home at clay courts and which players who play it big on hard courts. Since the Australian Open will be played on clay courts, these players will have a better chance to win the competition.

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