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Check the US Open Odds and Make Your Bet

us open golf
For US Open fans the date is confirmed, it will be from June 11 to 18. Top golf players will be meeting on the course to fight for the top honors at Shinnecock Hills Club. Golf has been associated with the rich people, the pot money in most of their tournaments is no joke. For instance, in the US Open 2017, the total prize money is $12 million! Most likely that amount is much higher this year. Click here to find us open odds rigth now.
The event assures you lots of action for the spectators, for the rival golfers this will be the most competitive game for them. You might be wondering why. Well-known golfers are anticipated to field in during the coming US Golf Open tournament. The golf followers should anticipate a competitive game knowing that top-notch players are expected to join in at the Shinnecock Hills Club. These players are all hoping to win a part of the prize money. Last year winners won an impressive amount, totaling over $2 million. It is one of the reasons why 2018 US Golf Open is worth watching.
What to Expect in the 2018 US Open?
Professionals considered the US Open as the hardest of all the golf championships. Many expert golfers do well just to break par the narrow, tree-lined US courses, and there have been many impressive wins in the competition in the past. It makes US Open odds worth checking and US Open betting hard to call. Maybe you are betting on a player cruising at -1, then other wayward 3-iron later he is looking for his ball in the lake.
How to Make a Bet?
Wagering in the US Open odds is easy to understand. Just choose the name of the golfer that you think will win. You pick any of the players in the competition, and your payout will depend on the odds at the time of the wager. You can place your bet until the race starts.
Most of the golf events will comprise a betting option known as the Field. The list contains the name of the golfers not included in the “Odds to Win.” Many games have a group of golfers however it is oddsmakers placing an amount on every player that will play. Golfers with the least chance to win the game will be added in the Field odds and if they win will be paid out accordingly.

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