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We develop and deliver a variety of educational and recreational programs for youth and familiesinformative speech on an ongoing basis.


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 Youth Programs: 
*Ongoing Project*
Girls Talk   Originated by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), FUTFS adopted the program in March 2009 with a purpose of educating and preventing adolescent girls from suffering depression by creating an affable atmosphere for participants to open up about themselves. It is necessary to know the challenges and issues that teenagers face and therefore we invited two members of CAMH to provide facilitator training to our volunteers. Facilitator training is done with a manual provided by CAMH and is used to guide volunteers in their Girl Talk sessions. Upon successful completion of the training, volunteers were eligible to participate in any of the Girls Talk program which includes activities that involve the young woman in physical, artistic, and intellectual ways.
Family counselling   Provide mental problems, marital conflicts and family counseling services within the home. In particular, counseling is provided for gambling, alcohol, porn addiction and the mental difficulties of veterans and their families.
Facilitator Training   The purpose of the facilitator training is twofold: one, to provide the participants with skills that will aide them in activities/projects they choose to take part in; two, to train the participants so that they can lead youth groups and assist youth in group activities.  Through this training program, participants learn what community-based organizations are, the meaning of volunteering, how the programs are organized, how this knowledge, information and resources can enrich one’s life, and how the clients interact in a group environment.  At the end, the participants are able to apply these experiences to real life situations.
Mind- Motion   The Mind-Motion Volunteer Program is a youth summer program designed to educate and empower youth through various volunteer programs.  This two-week program includes volunteer training that provides a framework to assist volunteers in activities that are done in collaboration with other organizations which includes but is not limited to Evergreen, Senior Citizen’s Society, and Second base.  Trained and active youth members volunteer during the summer months in different areas of Toronto.  This youth volunteer program provides a chance for youth to get together and gain a sense of achievement while participating in the public and doing outdoor activities.  The Mind-Motion Program concludes each year with an overnight camping trip that allows participants to reflect back on all the activities that they took part in.
YES Project   The YES project was a volunteer workshop where teenagers were able to learn the importance of working as a team with seniors.  As the group attended tours of the famous attractions in Toronto including City Hall, museums and art galleries, a language gap between the two generations significantly lessened.  In addition, all participants had the opportunity to learn more about Canadian culture and society. This was particularly important as the participants were generally unaware of their civil rights due in part to the language barrier. The two generations came together and taught each other a little about their own society which consequently led to a decrease in hypocritical and racial assumptions previously held.
FRIEND Project   Funded by Toronto Public Health, the FRIEND project will be offered to Korean-Canadian youth ages 13-18.  While teens are especially vulnerable and prone to, amongst other problems, peer pressure, drug/internet/video game addiction, and isolation, the FRIEND project was designed to foster a healthier environment for youth to learn, grow, and have fun. The purpose of this project is to increase self-esteem, foster teamwork, promote healthy lifestyles and skills, and to create a safe arena for youth to network. The FRIEND Project will consist of six different activities youth can take part in which include: CD Production; Basketball; Artistic Project; Health Eating; Break Dance; and a Youth Vision Day.
Recreational Sports Leagues    - Table tennis tournament : There aren't many sports for familes to play during their spare hours, and table tennis is one of the sports to do so. They were able to play at Church or Community entre where table tennis table has.
- Bowling tournament : Association of bowling for elders were gathered and played at a bowling alley located in finch and Yonge Three times a week.  We helped them play and had a tournament in last February 2009.
-Indoor Soccer tournament : Korean- Canadian youth and adults participate in a soccer tournament to diminish the level of sensitivity and misunderstanding between them. The purpose was bring community together; youth,adults,police and officers through physical activity.
Photo Workshop and Photo Exhibition   The Six week workshop was extended by an additional two weeks because of the popularity of the workshop. Many expressed that it was a good opportunity that they would not otherwise have been able to enjoy and requested more similar workshop in the future. Participants' photowork was exhibited for a week in a community cultural entre that was arranged by the Project connrdinator. In 2010 , The Family Photo Exhhibition featured photography by Bak Cheol Joon, Anne-Marie Jackson and Johan hallberg-campbell, three infamous photographers in Toronto.
Youth Retreat    FUTFS is always making an effort to promote healthy lifestyles among the families in the Korean-Canadian community, with a special effort in harvesting a sense of civic responsibility in youth. This youth retreat is more than an opportunity to mingle and have fun – it is an opportunity to see immediate effects from the selflessly giving volunteer work. Youth will be granted 10 volunteer hours for their services during the retreat. Along with leadership experiences and service contributions to a community other than our own, the 2007 FUTFS Youth Retreat aims to impact youth to pave their own paths as a responsible Korean-Canadian citizen.
Youth Night
/ Youth Alive

- Youth Night 2005 : The Family Photo Exhibition featured potography by Bak Cheol Joon, Anne-Marie Jackson and Johan hallberg-campbell, three infamous photographers in Toronto.

- Youth Night 2006 : FUTFS introduced “Bae Sah Mo” project which was one of the highlight youth program in 2006, and introduced the Korean Youths about Volunteerism and Civic Participation by holding the “Youth Night 2006.” After the opening of event with greetings by Kaja Muhn (Chair of the Board), Sungchul Kim (Consulate General), David Zimmer (M.P.P.) and announcements by Peter Chang (2006 President of Korean Students Association of Canada) and Sandra Huh, youth musicians showed off their talents, such as Hip Hop dance, Rap, Beat Box, and singing. The participated performers were O2, No Name, Trilogy, FreeD, VoKiLeFFeX, Chin Chilla, Big4, Hidden Track, Soul Power.

- Youth Night 2007 : “Youth Night” held in 2007 was the hottest event as Donne Roberts - a JUNO award winning musician from Madagascar- featured the opening of “Youth Night”. Mayor David Miller, Kathleen Wynne MPP, John Tory (Leader of the Official Opposition), Barry Devolin (Member of Parliament), Simon Park (President Dream Tree, hanvoice, Layer), Peter Chang ( KCEN Chair, Principal of Toronto disctrict school board) sent FUTFS messages of greetings and congratulations. After the website presentation, three Koreans read their letters. During the first set, there were classical performances as well as traditional Korean Band performances. During the second set, there were dance, vocal, rap, and Acapella performance.

- Youth Live 2008 : In 2008, the annual talent showcase was renamed to “Youth Alive”. SUN was the MC of the event, and AKA Subliminal featured a part of the day’s performances. Jihyun & Bongyun had a duet performance, Militant Camp did Rap, and Jennifer Lee did flute performance. Keven & John (Beet box), H2S (B-Boy crew), Jason Choi (Popper), TK (Popper), Jae 10 & Friend (Indie Band), The Nomads (Jazz Band) also showed off their talents.

-Seoul Expression 2 : With the help of “Kids From Korea (Peter Cho, Eric Kim, Max Kim) and with the name of “Seoul Expression 2009”, FUTFS’s annual talent showcase and fundraiser Seoul Expression 2009 was accomplished. In this event, FUTFS was able to introduce ourselves as well as the Girls Talk program run in 2009 to Korean youths. After the acoustic guitar intro by Max Kim, Saemiroo & Benard - duter singers, the Rock bands Bliss and Hidden Track, and Last Movement performed. Also, Terry “KrNfs” Im did beet box and there was a dance battle H2S vs. Sekma. Lastly, Kids From Korea performed rap.

- Radiance Concert 2010 : “Youth Alive Festival 2010” Radiance Concert will be hold in Korean Cultural Centre on June 12, 2010, at 7 pm. It is a festival held by For You Telecare Family Service for youths, of youths, and for youths. Youth Alive Festival, Radiance concert is a one day event, but it requires many people that will organize, prepare, and carry out the event and also volunteers from various fields. It is a great opportunity for youths to engage in activity other than from school, and they can develop and improve their artistic talent such as singing, playing instruments, dance and more. Performanc team  are  BNS,Peach Frequency,Korean Bacon,Flying Yellow,Mak-Jang band,Flow,The Real Sun,CX25.

Youth Forum    At the Youth Forum for building healthier community through youth crime prevention on October 24th 2009 at Holiday Inn Hotel. The forum will cover topics such as crime report in Toronto, small business crime and robbery prevention, youth crime and its protection, counseling and healthy lifestyle, etc. The forum was a place to talk and discuss about its difficult system and how we can make change to make Toronto a better place to live. the manual will include emergency and important phone numbers that will help the business owners.


 Programs for the Family: 
FATHERS Project   Allowing space for fathers and their children to learn and interact through practical teachings and the equipping of life skills, the Fathers Project includes assessing relational dynamics and the understanding of personalities.  This is beneficial as greater understanding within relationships leads to the opportunity for greater communication and openness.  Time was also spent in looking at healthy communication, the components and keys of communication, and sharing. Activities included in the project were: Family Fun day; Family Retreat; Horse Riding; Family Rafting; Family Picnic; Family Walkathon and Roller Blade; and Workshops for Fathers and Children. The outcome of this project was the encouragement and propelling of healthy relationships between fathers and their children.  In the same way, healthier relationships within families were reported as a result of the project.
Family Funday   Welcoming the Korean Traditional New Year, artists presented Korean Traditional performances, and families enjoyed traditional Korean food and games.
Family Retreat   Family Retreat is an overnight trip for families to spend valuable time with each other. families discussed how they will be able to build affectionate relationships with family members and have a pleasant converstion with each other.
Horse Riding   Families learn the importance of their family and experience a healthy lifestyle by spending time together, like horse-riding sports.
Family Rafting   Having a summer, Families spent fun time thorough the rafting competition and various sports games; and we educated the families.
Wellbeing Walkathon and Family Picnic   Wellbeing Walkathon and Family Picnic held on Saturday, July 19, 2008 at SunnybrookPark. The Walkathon was an opportunity for all members of the family in the Korean-Canadian community especially children to enjoy an afternoon of light exercise, recreational activities and performance, and healthy food. The event is part of ongoing fundraising events and campaign for mentally, physically and emotionally healthier families.
Workshops for Fathers and Children   Outreach workshop was progressed under an objective to introduce and inform FATHERS Project that aimed to help communication and relationship of father and children. The workshops were run as we promoted the project at the workshops that we held for Korean-Canadian and non-Korean-Canadian about parenting. At the group meetings of fathers or families, or in public places.
Family Picnic   As summer arrives, families got together in the part to enjoy outdoor activities and recreations.