For You Telecare Family Service (FUTFS) provides support, counselling, education, and outreach based on prevention rather than treatment to its users and clients in order for them to live a fulfilled, well-being and meaningful lives by ensuring they have a sense of belonging and having the necessary understanding, tools, and foundations to live in Canada.


FUTFS presents and implements a plan for these individuals which at time cannot be resolved by local social service agencies and governments. Furthermore, we also assist our users and clients on how to manage and cope with individual and social issues that might arise amongst diverse ethnic groups with racism and discrimination who have immigrated into the community.

It also links the mental, health, workplace issues of many merchant groups and veterans who are alienated or unserved in Canada with other agencies to help them find the re-education needed for society and their future career. We also provide guidance for counseling and treatment along with continuing counseling for their stable retirement and their family issues.

FUTFS works closely with private sector as sponsors as well as not-profit sector and stakeholders as partners in Greater Toronto Area so that we can promote, educate, encourage and foster economic independence to our users and clients who need create credible volunteering and employment opportunities. Continuing to develop and expand the network of organizations FUTFS works with, we will nurture and foster the growth of the local economy in order to provide a decent and gentle community to its residents. FUTFS also conducts many studies and research relating to immigrants’ social and welfare issues that arises from living in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society.

Our goal is to provide valuable and practical solutions to properly deal with them as needed in collaboration with social service organizations, stakeholders and government level. FUTFS raises public awareness of social issues and supports users and clients in the community to understand the diversity which is fundamental in developing capability to engage the community in the delivery of its vision for sustainability through the progression of a healthy lifestyle, an ageing population, increasing cultural diversity, significant change in technology and gradual integration into Canadian society. In particular, interviews (and Surveys)  will be conducted for those that implement events and policies planned specifically for the disabled. These programs are geared towards upgrading the capabilities of the disabled and their families. It is important to be aware that there will be diversity within the commonly used community or social categories.