Publications & Resources

The Back of our Father
(Book Launching day : June 12. 2010)

The Back of our Father is the story-telling book that FUTFS publishes by gathering stores from people. It is divided into three sections. First, as children, anecdotes about any special memories of your father or anything you want to tell your father. Second, as a father, anecdotes reflecting on memories with children or any lived experiences or episodes raising children. Third, stories from FUTFS about importance of father, communication skills to improve father and child’s relationships, and healthy family.

The Manual: Prevention of Crime
(Book Launching day : June 12. 2010)

Due to great and small business crimes, many Koreans operating a small business in Toronto suffer economic loss and mental distress. In addition, most people do not exactly know how to prevent business crimes effectively. This manual is for maintaining a business the best for its further development in Canadian society as well as protecting the safety of themselves and their families.