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Programs & services

Programs & services 

We develop and deliver a variety of educational and recreational programs for youth and families on an ongoing basis. FUTFS places a priority in meeting the needs of our younger community members. The transition from childhood to adulthood can be a difficult journey and is made only more overwhelming by the cultural and language barriers that many Korean youth are faced with on arrival in Canada.

The 13-25 age group poses unique challenges to project development and delivery: 1) There is a very diverse range of interests and assessed needs within a relatively small age range; 2) There are varying levels of comfort with the Korean and English languages among participants.

FUTFS is committed to providing support to those who face emotional, mental, cultural and psychological challenges by providing an array of counselling services and educational workshops. Systematic volunteer training sessions are also available for enthusiastic individuals who are interested in volunteering as a counsellor.FUTFS is always making an effort to promote healthy lifestyle among the families in the Korean-Canadian community by providing 24 hour telephone counselling, face-to-face counselling and programs such as Counsellor Volunteer Training, outdoor/ indoor Recreation, Outreach services, workshops and seminars to improve various family lifestyles.



Mind and Motion is a youth summer program designed to educate and empower youth through various volunteer activities. Our objective is to travel to different agencies around the Greater Toronto Area in order to increase volunteer awareness and experience. This program will help students become active youth volunteers in society.


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Counselling Education and Volunteer Training The Counselling Education and Volunteer Training Program invites guest speakers and is done in small group workshops. It is an ongoing program which is done twice a year, once each in spring and in fall.
Anger Management and Conflict Resolution Classes Anger Management Classes is one of the counselling methods used for individual and couple counselling which relates to the court system. These courses are developed by Clinical Marriage and Family Therapists and include the following topics: Family of Origin, Life Cycle Teachings, Egogram, Value Activities, Anger and Stress Management, Boundary Issues, Abuse and Violence Issues, Coping Skills for Grief Process, Communication Skills, Relationship Skills, Identity and Self-Esteem Issues, Change and Transition, Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving Skills.
Problem Gambling Project with CAMH Gambling means risking something of value when there is an element of chance associated with an outcome. If someone is classified as a problem gambler, it means he or she has patterned gambling behaviors that may compromise, disrupt or damage family, personal, employment or educational pursuits. A trained counsellor is available for those experiencing any signs of problem gambling at 1-877-210-8877 (FUTFS)
Outreach Workshops This is one of the counselling services FUTFS offers for individuals or families who are sick physically or psychologically and are in need of home visitation or counselling. This service also extends to visits to those who are in nursing and assisted living centers, as well as those who are homebound on a long-term or short-term basis.  Outreach Counselling and Visitation is complemented by telephone counselling. Outreach counsellors or volunteer workers are provided for requested cases.  This service is also referred by Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) or Hospice service agencies.
Translation and Interpretation FUTFS comprises of members who are fluent in both Korean and English and are enthusiastic to provide the highest level of service based on our mandate and abilities. Therefore, FUTFS offers translation and interpreting services from English to Korean and Korean to English for individuals and families who are in need of these services.
Referral Services FUTFS offers a wide range of services that support and empower individuals and families who encounter various psychological, emotional, and cultural challenges in all walks of life.  In the event that we cannot for whatever reason provide a service ourselves, FUTFS will be pleased to refer you to somebody who can.
CLEAN HEARTS Clean HeartsCLEAN HEARTS is a project funded by Toronto Public Health, with a goal of promoting tobacco awareness and prevention to youth. The project will consist of 5 activities and events: launching day, movie night and discussion, film-making workshops, cigarette butt litter cleaning day, and tobacco-free movie day with showcase. This project will touch on the significance of smoke free movies, the effects of second-hand smoking on health, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and the consequences of smoking to the environment. The outcome of the project will be a film created by the participating youth, promoting tobacco awareness and prevention for early intervention, and healthy lifestyles. For more information, please refer to the official website of FUTFS and FACEBOOK.

1) Launching and Information Day: November 28 (Sat), 2015 at 10:30 am until 1 pm
2) Movie Night for Tobacco-Free Dec. 2015 (TBA)
3) Workshop for making video clip (5 times) Jan.- Feb 2016
4) Cigarette Butt Litter Cleaning Day: March 2016
5) Show Case Day & Award Day May 2016
6) News Media and SNS Upload Day June 2016

English and Sing Along Class This training has two purposes. One thing is to teach the participants skills as facilitator thorough activities.
The second is to train the participants so that they can lead youth groups and help youths in group activities. Through this training program, participants will learn what community-based organizations are, what the volunteering really means, how the programs for youths are organized, how these knowledge, information and resources can enrich one’s life, and how the clients interact in the group environment. At the end, the participants will be able to apply these experiences to their real life situations.
*The 33th Counselling and Volunteer Training has completed. Currently, English classes and Sing-along projects where the volunteers visit nursing homes or retirement homes.